Actress Delta Burke’s weight loss and net worth

The world of glamour many celebrities are part of takes a lot of sacrifice sometimes. Looking at the models, actors and actresses, and other TV stars and the luxury they enjoy, we assume they don’t experience any heartbreaks or a hard time, but that’s far from the reality. In fact, the pressure these people feel to look flawless at all times can be unbearabl

Delta Burke is a famous name in the film industry. This Hollywood beauty first captured the attention of many when she won several beauty pageants in Orlando, among which the title “Miss Florida.”

Her beauty, along with her desire to make a name for herself, brought Delta in the world of film. During her career, she played in over 60 TV shows and movies. One of her most memorable roles, however, is that of Susanne Sugarbaker in the series Designing Women. This role brought Delta two Emmy nominations.

During the first couple of years, the audience of the show wasn’t a large one, but then, all of a sudden, the series attracted many new viewers and was named one of the best TV shows at the time. It ran from 1986 up until 1993. Delta was part of 5 seasons, out of 7.

“Along with her talent, Delta, 34, carries into life a reputation for fiery southern passion that is as tangible as bayou moss,” People Magazine wrote of famous Delta back in 1991.


Rumors were that the actors were forced to work long hours, and Delta wasn’t afraid to speak openly about it.

”It is not a good workplace, not a good environment … It’s so strange, being part of something that’s so wonderful and so awful at the same time,” she told The Orlando Sentinel. Many believed this bravery of hers cost her the role in the famous series. Others, however, believe that the producers expected from the cast to look certain way and Delta gaining weight was something they didn’t like or approved of.

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Ever since she was very young, especially when she started competing in beauty competitions, Delta was told by her surrounding to mind her weight, which led for her to be on diets a great part of her life. Gaining and losing weight, along with her genetics and the stress she experienced on the set of Designing Women, triggered type 2 Diabetes.

”I was telling myself that I was a bad person because I couldn’t lose the weight fast enough,” the actress told Eating Well. ”I decided to stop beating myself up and started to give myself credit for maintaining weight.”

After her loving grandma died, Delta realized she had to take her health more seriously and turned to diets and exercises again. ”I began a stringent eating program and tested my blood more often. That’s when I got better control of my blood glucose. I also lost 20 pounds, which helped a lot.”

Delta says that her husband of 31 years, actor Gerald McRaney, helped her stay on her path of loosing weight whenever she needed it. She and Gerald, who is a lung cancer survivor, live in L.A. and can be often seen taking long walks together. “He reminds me what I should be doing or shouldn’t be eating,” she told People. “He likes to give me my insulin shots and says it makes him feel like he’s taking care of me.”


Delta is 65 and looks stunning. She has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million, money she earned thanks to her acting career.

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