Watching Carol Burnett’s “Nudist Colony” skit while consuming liquids is not advised.

The scene opens with Roger assisting his wife, Carol, through a two-part cabin door. Carol has covered her eyes after learning that they are going to a nudist colony!

Roger says, “Ok honey, we’re in the room.” She responds, clearly agitated by their predicament, “Oh, you’re beautiful.” Roger had promised her a vacation, but they went to the nudist colony for business.

Roger tries to persuade Carol to stay by saying that he has to come here for a client named Joe. Evidently Joe and his wife frequent the nudist colony, so Roger had to come here if he wanted to close a business deal.

Of course, Carol doesn’t care about any of this. She desires to depart and does so immediately. However, the door is knocked on. When Roger opens it, a man is already there. Welcome to the colony, he says.

As Carol covers her eyes and leans against the wall, the man remarks on the “pretty view” they have from the cabin. The man says goodbye after their brief exchange.

Once more, Roger shows Carol the bedroom in an effort to persuade her to stay. Unfortunately, he hears a knock at the door as soon as he enters the bedroom to take a look around.

When Carol answers the door, it is with reluctance because Roger closes it. She manages to open only the top half of the door after unintentionally opening the bottom half.

An irate bellhop is waiting outside and passes their luggage through the door. Carol says she is sorry but she only has a few nickels. She is told not to bother because he has nowhere to put them, the man scoffs.

After the bellhop leaves, Roger and Carol start fighting once more, but then Joe, the client, and Helga, his trophy wife, show up. How will Carol respond to this woman’s sexy curves as she prepares to go nude? You can guess: not well. It goes without saying that you must watch the entire clip to get the full laughs, but you really should. It’s worth it, we promise!

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